Marine Holding

Unimars (Universal Marine Service) was established in August 1994 in Riga. Since then, through expanding and creating a network of branches we have managed to transform our own structures into a multi-profile Marine holding – Unimars Group.  We offer maritime services on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea, thus fully implementing the end-to-end service for vessels calling ports in the  Baltic Sea which are located in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Norway.
Given the need for separation of different types of services, we have developed an optimal combination of separate legal entities with the overall vision and overall management – both centralized and independent. Thus, now the company represents the following structure (see the schematic table above). The table shows that the marine holding includes five departments:

  • The department of ship supply and servicing (Unimars Group)
  • The department of fleet management (“Unimanager SIA)
  • The department of training and education (“Novikontas Jūras koledža” SIA)
  • The department of real estate management (“Unimarine” SIA)
  • The management department Recreation Structure of Unimars (“Uniboulings” SIA – bowling, SPA, hotel)
  • The department of ship repair (“UTS” SIA)


The department of ship supply and servicing

The target audience of the company are customers-ship owners, managers, catering companies, ship brokers, sailors and others. We work with the major ship owners and managers from all over the world, for instance, our clients are such companies as AP Moller-maersk A/ S, Capital Ship Management, V. Ships (Cyprus) Ltd., Wilson Ship Management, Latvian Shipping Company, NSC Arkhangelsk, Unimor Shipping Agency, OSM Ship Management, Wagenborg Shipping BV and other well-known companies.
– The holding company «Unimars Group» is the holder of the underlying asset of the department of ship supply and servicing – its building is located at Duntes 17 and was built in 2002, and is a unique Centre for maritime services and the largest one in the Baltic region. The company owns the assets and distributes credit resources among the institutions engaged in providing appropriate servicing for ships, and, moreover, it distributes the area inside the building, collects rent and manages the building.

Latvian structure consists of two entities, which are – “Unimars Duty Free” and “Unimars Baltic Supply”, as well as two structural units – in Liepaya and Ventspils – and they provide the supply of vessels in Latvia, take control of the operation of subsidiaries, do provide centralized procurement for all branches and centralized management.
Unimars companies’ group is a member of these associations:

• ISSA (International Ship Suppliers Association);
• O.C.E.A.N. (International Association of Ship procurers);
• LSSA (Latvian Association of Ship procurers);
• NALSA (National Association of Latvian marine brokers and agents).


The department of fleet management

It operates for more than 10 years. Currently it operates three marine dry cargoes: UNISTAR (2009), ALTONA I, ATLANTIC TRADER. From 2003 to the date, the company was a co-owner and manager of more than 20 different ships – UNIWIND; UNIVOYAGER, UNILAND, UNISTAR and others. The company often uses the abbreviation of «UNI» at the beginning of the ship’s name, applying it as a brand, thus representing its own logo located on the pipe vessel. The department of Fleet Management includes two managerial controlling companies – «Unimanager» and subsidiary companies – original shipowners.


The department of training and education (“Novikontas Jūras koledža” SIA)

One of the clearest examples of development of the related companies in the business segment for marine services provided by the group of ”Unimars” companies ia SIA “Novikontas”. In less than seven years of its activity, together with Lithuanian partners, it created a unique educational venture that year after year conducts a variety of courses and training, thus increasing the commercial component thereof. So, the number of different courses for today is 69, moreover, in the past year it launched and accredited (in the first quarter of this year) the Maritime College courses not only by Latvian Maritime Administration, but also by the Ministry of Education – and it lets bravely say that today it is a complete marine educational institution having very grandiose plans. Entry into force of the new amendments to the Manila Sea Convention will let in the coming year more than double the company’s turnover and the number of students. In 2011, the company implemented the project with support from the EU structural funds, updating and expanding its training base with

the help of a new equipment with a cost of 1.2 million LVL and receiving the financial support of about 400 thousand LVL. The plans of the company provide for the further expansion of training capacity using both financing from EU structural funds and its own funds, for instance, construction of a new seafaring safety complex. The more detailed information on available courses you will find in the presentation of the company and in the appendices.


The department of real estate management (“Unimarine” SIA)

Since 2006, the company manages the erected business center with a total area of about 10 thousand meters. Today 100% of the area with a good cash flow was put in commission. Most of the companies are managers in the field of maritime logistics (such as MSc, CMA / CGM, TEAM LINES, V-Ship, Nordic Tanker) and marine services.


The management department Recreation Structure of Unimars

Operates its own hotel, bowling complex, two restaurants and a SPA-center.


The department of ship repair (“UTS” SIA)

UTS Ltd is a young, ambitions and competitive company in ship repair service. The company based in Riga city (Port of Riga), Latvia. We are specializing mainly in the repair of various types of diesel engines, as well as other engine room and deck equipment, company is certificated for carrying out the work in ship repair and technical service by RMRS and has integrated ISO 9001 management system approved by DNV GL.

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